North Carolina Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate NC Title

Looking to get a North Carolina (NC) car title replacement or duplicate? Read about the North Carolina replacement title process here.
North Caroline Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate NC Title | PutInYourVIN.com

Your vehicle’s title is one of the most crucial documentation in North Carolina, if not the most important. It serves as proof of ownership in the state and enables you to transfer ownership, sell your vehicle, or register it in another state. Obtaining a replacement title is crucial if your car is lost or stolen. A vehicle’s registered owner can order a duplicate title if the original title has been lost or was never received. In cases where the title was never received, the title fee can be waived if the original title is issued within 60 days of requesting a duplicate.

How to Get or Replace a Duplicate North Carolina Title

To obtain a replacement title in North Carolina, you can request one by mail or in person at any NCDMV office.

How much does it cost to get a duplicate title in North Carolina?

Obtaining a duplicate North Carolina title costs $21.50. However, if you opt-in for an instant title, the cost is $105.75.

Items Required to Get a Duplicate North Carolina Title

To get a duplicate title, you must complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form MVR-4). Don’t forget to bring your North Carolina driver’s license or a valid photo ID as proof of identification.

All North Carolina title replacement application forms must be notarized.

Other items you may need:

  • Vehicle’s VIN, Year, Make, Body Style, and Series Model
  • Current Odometer Reading
  • Damaged Title (if applicable)
  • If the original title reflects an outstanding lien, the applicant must provide a Lien Release Form. If your car has a lien, you’ll need the lienholder to sign the title application and lien release form in the presence of a notary. (if applicable)

How to Get a Duplicate North Carolina Title In Person

To replace a title in person, you must:

  1. Locate the nearest North Carolina DMV office.
  2. Show ID. (Valid identification is required for all services processed in person. For a list of accepted identification, click here.)
  3. Show your mutilated (damaged) title and/or lien release (if applicable).
  4. Complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form MVR-4) before a notary.
  5. Pay the $21.50 title fee.

How to Get a Duplicate North Carolina Title by Mail

  1. Fill out your Application for Duplicate Title (Form MVR-4) and have it notarized.
  2. Include an accepted form of payment for the $21.50 title fee.
  3. Send the form and payment to the address listed below:

    3148 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27697-3148

How long does it take to get a duplicate title in North Carolina?

Don’t expect to be issued an immediate duplicate title if you submitted it by mail or in person. The DMV requires that all duplicate title applications “age” for 15 days. After the aging process, the NCDMV will mail you the duplicate title.

Instant Titles

Title applications require 15 business days for processing, but the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles offers an expedited titling service – referred to as an instant title – in which titles are processed and issued the same day or the next business day.

NCDMV can issue instant titles for duplicate title applications after the 15-day waiting period. The customer orders the instant title, waits for the 15-day aging process to complete, and picks it up at the same license plate agency on the 16th day.

Instant titles are issued over the counter at the following NCDMV offices.


Form NameForm NumberDescription
Application for Duplicate TitleForm MVR-4This form is used to request a duplicate vehicle title from North Carolina’s Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV).

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