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Michigan FAQs

Yes, at times! You must provide proof of ownership. This is usually a registration or insurance card that corresponds to your photo ID. Offers without a title are typically lower than offers with a valid title. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to buy every car in every city without a title.

If your Michigan vehicle title doesn’t look like the ones pictured online, it’s possible that it may be an older or newer version. Vehicle titles can go through redesigns over time for various reasons, such as enhanced security features or updated state branding.

However, if you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the title, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check Security Features: Many titles include security features to prevent forgery. This could include watermarks, microprinting, or holograms. Compare these with descriptions of the security features your title should have.

  2. Contact the Michigan Secretary of State: You can call or visit a local office to verify the title’s authenticity. Be prepared to provide them with the title number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

  3. Get a Vehicle History Report: You can obtain a Vehicle History Report using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a service like Carfax or AutoCheck. This won’t directly validate the title but can help identify if the vehicle has been reported stolen or has other title issues.

  4. Consult with a Professional: If you’re buying a used vehicle and have doubts about the title, it might be worth it to consult with a trusted mechanic or a professional in the auto sales industry. They can often spot issues that a layperson might overlook.

Remember, it’s important to ensure that the title is legitimate before buying a vehicle. A fraudulent or incorrect title can lead to a variety of legal and financial issues down the line.

In Michigan, you do not have to turn in your license plate after selling your car. The license plate belongs to you, not the vehicle, and can be transferred to a new vehicle if desired.

However, you should remove the plate from the vehicle before you sell it to prevent misuse. If you don’t plan on using it on another vehicle, you should destroy and recycle it appropriately.

After selling your car in Michigan, there are a few steps you need to take regarding your auto insurance:

  1. Notify Your Insurance Company: As soon as the sale is finalized, contact your insurance company to let them know you’ve sold the car. If you’re replacing the car you sold with a new one, you’ll want to adjust your policy to cover the new vehicle. If you’re not replacing the vehicle, you can ask your insurance provider about the process for cancelling the policy.

  2. Don’t Cancel Immediately: Even if you’re not getting a new vehicle right away, you might want to consider keeping your insurance policy active, especially if you plan to get a new vehicle in the near future. There can be penalties for gaps in coverage. Your insurance provider can give you more details based on your specific situation.

  3. Evaluate Your Needs: If you’re getting a new car, this is a good time to reassess your insurance needs. You may want more or less coverage depending on the value of your new vehicle and your current financial situation.

  4. Proof of Cancellation/Change: Once you make changes or cancel your policy, be sure to obtain proof. You’ll want a record showing the date the vehicle was removed from the policy or the policy was cancelled.

Remember, every insurance company may have slightly different processes for handling these situations, so it’s best to get advice directly from your insurance provider.

Yes, after selling your car in Michigan, there are several important steps you should take:

  1. Remove the License Plate: You should remove your license plate from the car when you sell it. In Michigan, license plates stay with the owner, not the vehicle. You can transfer the plate to a new vehicle.

  2. Provide the Title to the Buyer: The car title is the legal document that establishes ownership of the vehicle. Complete the seller’s portion of the title and give it to the buyer.

  3. Complete a Bill of Sale: Although not required in Michigan, it’s a good idea to create a Bill of Sale. This should include the vehicle’s details, sale price, buyer’s and seller’s names and addresses, and the date of sale. Both parties should keep a copy.

  4. Notify the Secretary of State: Michigan requires you to notify them of the sale. This can be done by filling out a Notice of Sale form and submitting it to your local Secretary of State Branch Office.

  5. Cancel or Transfer Your Insurance: Inform your car insurance company that you’ve sold the car. Depending on your situation, you may either cancel your policy or transfer it to a new vehicle.

  6. Keep Records: Keep copies of all paperwork related to the sale. This will provide a record of the transaction and could be useful if there are any disputes or issues later.

Before you sell your car, it’s also crucial to check the latest rules and regulations from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, as they can change over time.

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