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New Hampshire FAQs

We recognize that paperwork can be misplaced or lost. However, because a vehicle’s title acts as legal proof of ownership, we normally require a title when purchasing a car.

Don’t be concerned if you’ve misplaced the title to your vehicle in New Hampshire. You can apply for a duplicate title through the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It’s a reasonably simple procedure that assures you can legally transfer ownership of the car.

If you have a missing title, we may be able to work with you in very particular situations. For example, if you can verify ownership of the vehicle by other methods, such as registration paperwork, and you’re in the process of obtaining a replacement title, we may be able to begin the selling process. However, we cannot complete the transaction until the new title is secured.

Remember that each situation is unique, and our primary purpose is to guarantee that the transaction is legal and fair to all parties involved. If you have particular questions or concerns about your situation, please contact us directly through our website. PutInYourVIN.com’s professional crew is always available to assist and guide you through the process.

Remember, we make it our mission to make selling your car as easy as possible. Don’t let a lost title keep you from receiving the best price for your car. Reach out to us and we’ll go over your options together!

Vehicle titles can differ greatly depending on the state of issuance and the year they were issued. New Hampshire, like other states, has changed the design of its title over time. Don’t be concerned if your New Hampshire vehicle title differs from the ones you see online.

The title number, your name (as the vehicle owner), the vehicle identification number (VIN), the brand and model of the automobile, and other key facts such as the lienholder (if applicable) are all important details to check for in your title, regardless of its design.

PutInYourVIN.com has experience with a wide range of title formats from across the country. So, if you have any questions regarding the information on your title, or if it appears different than what you expected, please contact us. Our committed team is educated to manage a wide range of scenarios and will gladly assist you.

We value your peace of mind and are committed to making the car-selling procedure as simple as possible. If there are any doubts, we will work with you to resolve them. Remember, selling your automobile should be simple and stress-free, and that’s exactly what PutInYourVIN.com strives to give.

When you sell your automobile in New Hampshire, you actually keep your license plates. You are not required by law to return the license plates to the DMV or any other state entity in New Hampshire. The plates are instead linked to you, the owner, rather than the car.

This means that if you buy a new car, you can transfer these license plates to it. Of course, this transfer may require documentation and possibly costs, so check with the New Hampshire DMV for the most up-to-date regulations and procedures.

Understanding what to do with your license plates is a crucial aspect of the process of selling your automobile. We handle the majority of the logistics for you at PutInYourVIN.com, freeing you up to focus on your next actions, whether that’s getting into a new vehicle or enjoying the cash from the sale.

After selling your car, you must notify your auto insurance carrier as soon as possible. You don’t want to continue paying insurance on a car you no longer own.

Here are the actions to take:

  1. Contact your insurance company or agent: Notify your insurer that you’ve sold your car as soon as the sale is completed. Give them the date of the sale so they have a complete record.
  2. Inquire about insurance cancellation or adjustment: Depending on your circumstances, you may want to cancel or alter your policy. If you plan to buy a new automobile soon, you might consider transferring the policy to your new vehicle. Consult with your insurance company to identify the best course of action.
  3. Ensure coverage throughout vehicle transition: If there will be a time between selling your old car and purchasing a new one, consult with your insurer about the best approach to keep coverage. Some policies may provide a grace period for the transfer, guaranteeing that you are insured if you purchase a new vehicle within a certain date.

Keep a record of all communications with the insurance company. These documents can be extremely useful in the event of a dispute.

As usual, it’s critical to speak with your insurance provider about your individual situation. Laws and policies can differ, and your insurance provider will have the most up-to-date information about your specific situation.

There are a few things to do after selling your car in New Hampshire to ensure everything is correctly tied up.

  1. As previously stated, New Hampshire law permits you to keep your license plates after selling a car. You can use these on a new car, but keep in mind that you must formally transfer them through the DMV.
  2. Contact your car insurance company: Once the vehicle has been sold, make sure to terminate or modify your auto insurance coverage.
  3. While it is not required in New Hampshire, it is a good idea to preserve a record of the sale for your own safety.
  4. Maintain a copy of the Bill of Sale and the title transfer: These documents serve as proof of the transaction and may be useful for tax purposes or if there are any future disputes about the sale.
  5. Notify the DMV: Although New Hampshire does not compel you to do so, it is a good practice to do so. You will not be held liable for any parking tickets or violations that the new owner may receive.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve appropriately closed the chapter on your old car if you follow these instructions. Remember, our goal at PutInYourVIN.com is to make selling your car as simple as possible. We handle many of the more complicated aspects of the process, enabling you to concentrate on reaping the advantages of your successful sale.

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