How to Sign Your Car Title in Iowa (IA)

Looking for instructions on how to sign your Iowa (IA) car title or where to sign your Iowa (IA) car title? This page explains how a seller should sign their Iowa car title over to a buyer.

  1. Only use a black or blue pen.
  2. Do not use a highlighter or white-out.
  3. No strikethroughs, write-overs, scribbles, or tears are permitted.
  4. Unless you are an authorized dealer, do not sign in the Dealer Reassignment section.

Where do I need to sign the title?

Make sure you sign/print your name precisely as it appears on the front of your title. Do not sign with your new name if you have changed your name since the title was issued. Sign with the name that appears on the front of the title.

What if the car has multiple owners?

What if the title has a lien or a bank name on it?

How long does it take to get a duplicate title?

How much does it cost to get a duplicate title?

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Iowa MVD (DMV) Information

If your title design differs from the example above, carefully review your title before proceeding. While the signature and printed name fields may be in different places, you must still print and sign your name in the appropriate places.

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