Delaware Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate DE Title

Looking to get a Delaware (DE) car title replacement or duplicate? This article provides information about the Delaware replacement title process.
Delaware Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate DE Title | PutInYourVIN.com

Is there a problem with your vehicle’s Delaware title? Was it misplaced, damaged, or stolen? If so, you should apply for a duplicate Delaware title through Delaware’s Division of Motor Vehicles.

If you ever intend to transfer ownership of your vehicle, having the title in order is important. This is the legal document that proves you own the vehicle. You can’t sell it, donate it, or complete your vehicle registration or renewals without it, so keep it safe!

What will I need to get a duplicate title in Delaware?

To obtain a replacement title in Delaware, you must gather all of the necessary information and documents, which include the following:

  • A Completed Application for Duplicate Title (Form MV213)
    • All owners must sign the Application for Duplicate Title (MV213) and provide their driver license number(s).
    • Power of Attorney can be used to sign for the owner(s).
      • An original Notarized Power of Attorney (Form MV386) must accompany Form MV213.
      • The individual signing by Power of Attorney on behalf of the owner must hand print the owner’s name(s) and sign their own name, for example, John Doe by Jane Smith POA.
    • If the owner has signed this form and authorizes you to process the request on their behalf, you must sign your name and provide your driver license number in the space provided. A copy of your driver’s license/ID is required.
  • The Vehicle’s Year, Make, Model & Color
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or Delaware Title Number and/or License Plate Number
  • Odometer Disclosure
  • Vehicle Registration (for Proof of Ownership)
  • Acceptable Identification (such as a Driver’s License or an ID Card)
  • Name, Social Security Number, Address and Date of Birth
  • $50.00 Duplicate Title Fee without lienholder / $55.00 Duplicate Title Fee with lienholder

What if there is a lien on the vehicle when I apply for a duplicate Delaware Title?

If your vehicle has a lien at the time of application, the lienholder must complete one of the sections at the bottom of Form MV213 to either satisfy or acknowledge that a duplicate title is being applied for.

If the lien holder requires the title but does not complete the bottom of the MV213 to acknowledge the duplicate, a letter from the lien holder stating the need for the duplicate is acceptable. When a duplicate is made and the lien is left on the title, it is mailed to the lien holder.

A separate lien release letter on the lien holder’s letterhead is acceptable if it contains all of the following information:

  • Owner’s Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Lien Satisfaction
  • Signature of Authorized Agent

How can I apply to get a duplicate title in Delaware?

In Delaware, you can apply for a duplicate title in person, or by mail.

Apply by Mail

For mail applications, include a filled out copy of the Application for Duplicate Title (Form MV213) as well as the $50.00/$55.00 application fee.

Make your check or money order out to the Delaware DMV.

NOTE: When submitting a duplicate request by mail, a copy of the owner’s driver license or other identification with the owner’s signature is required.

Send your form and fee to:

State of Delaware
Division of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 698
Dover, DE 19903

For all mail-in duplicate title requests, it is best to include a self-addressed envelope.

For out-of-state duplicate title requests by mail, include a “paid” return shipping label. The completed (or rejected) work will be returned to the dealer or lienholder using the “return paid shipping label” provided in the deal submitted.

NOTE: Duplicate titles with a lien get mailed back to the lien holder.

Apply in Person

Bring the filled out copy of the Application for Duplicate Title (Form MV213) as well as the $50.00/$55.00 application fee and a Notarized Power of Attorney (Form MV386) (if applicable) to a local Delaware DMV.

NOTE: If the application is brought in by an individual other than the owner, lienholder or dealer, a copy of the owner’s driver license or other identification with the owner’s signature is required.

How long does it take to get a replacement title in Delaware?

If you submit application by mail, you should expect to receive the title within 2 to 3 weeks, though it may arrive sooner.

If you submit your application in person, the duplicate title is processed the same day.

Delaware Vehicle Title Form

MV213Application for Duplicate Title or Sold Out of State to Retain TagRequest a duplicate or corrected vehicle title from the Delaware DMV.
Delaware Vehicle Title Form

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