Alabama Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate AL Title

Looking to get a Alabama (AL) car title replacement or duplicate? Read about the Alabama replacement title process here.
Alabama Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate AL Title | PutInYourVIN.com

Do you have any issues with your Alabama vehicle title? Has it been lost, damaged, or stolen? If yes, it is recommended that you apply for a duplicate Alabama title. It is crucial to have a proper title if you plan to transfer ownership of your vehicle. The title is a legal document that verifies your ownership of the car. You cannot sell, donate, or complete your vehicle registration or renewals without it. Therefore, make sure to keep it secure and in a safe place.

How to Get or Replace a Duplicate Alabama Title

To obtain a replacement title in Alabama, you can apply online through the Public Title Portal of the state’s Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division or visit a local licensing office.

How much does it cost to get a duplicate title in Alabama?

An Alabama title replacement costs $15.00.

Items Required to Get a Duplicate Alabama Title

You must complete a title application through Alabama’s online Public Title Portal to obtain a duplicate title or fill out the Application For Replacement Title (Form MVT-12-1). You must also have your driver’s license or a valid photo I.D. and a copy of your Alabama registration certificate.

Other items you may need:

  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle’s VIN, Year, Make, and Model
  • Proof of Insurance
  • If a lienholder holds your Alabama certificate of title, bring any lien details and power of attorney documents if needed. (if applicable)

How to Get a Duplicate Alabama Title In Person

To replace a title in person, you must:

  1. Locate your local Alabama licensing office.
  2. Show ID and proof of vehicle ownership.
  3. Submit your Application For Replacement Title (Form MVT-12-1).
  4. Pay the $15.00 title replacement fee.

Once the clerk has processed your order, you will receive the duplicate title via mail.

How to Get a Duplicate Alabama Title Online

To replace a title online, you must:

  1. Visit Alabama’s Public Title Portal.
  2. Enter your personal and vehicle details as required and ensure their accuracy on record.
  3. Upload any requested documents.
  4. Pay the $15.00 title replacement fee.
  5. Electronically sign the application and submit it.

When requesting a duplicate title online, it will be mailed to the address on file.

How to Get a Duplicate Alabama Title by Mail

To replace a title by mail, you must:

  1. Fill out your Application For Replacement Title (Form MVT-12-1).
  2. Include a written reason for requesting the duplicate Alabama title.
  3. Include an accepted form of payment for the $15.00 title fee.
  4. Send the form and payment to the address provided below.

    Alabama Department of Revenue
    Motor Vehicle Division―Title Section
    P O Box 327640
    Montgomery, AL 36132-7640

By mail, payment methods accepted are:

  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Order

How long does it take to get a duplicate title in Alabama?

You should receive the new title in the mail within 7 to 14 business days.

Additional FAQs

Is a physical Alabama address required for the owner on the application?

To complete the title application, the owner must give a physical address in Alabama. If there’s no lienholder listed, a P.O. Box can be used for the mailing address.

Is the assignment of an MSO or title required to be notarized?

It is not necessary to have the assignment of an MSO or title notarized in the state of Alabama.

The lienholder’s name on the application is listed as Bank Loans NA, and in the assignment is listed as Bank Loans. Would the department reject the title application for this?

It is important that the name of the lienholder on the title application matches exactly with the name on the back of the MSO or title.

What are the requirements for names and signatures?

The name of the owner(s) to be shown on the application for a certificate of title must be the current legal name of the owner(s) of the motor vehicle or manufactured home for which a certificate of title is requested. Owner name(s) on the title application must agree with the name on supporting documents. The seller information listed on the title application must conform with supporting documents. Instead of handprinted names and signatures, an electronic signature is acceptable when authorized by the department. See Administrative Rule: 810-5-75-.40 Requirements for Names and Signatures on Title Applications, Title Assignments, and Motor Vehicle Registrations, for more details.

What documents will I need to apply for an Alabama certificate of title?

An applicant for Alabama certificate of title must surrender the following documents to the designated agent to complete an application for Alabama certificate of title: (a) the outstanding manufacturer’s certificate of origin or certificate of title that is either in the applicant’s name or assigned to the applicant and any documents which support the transfer of the vehicle to the applicant; (b) if the vehicle is currently registered in a jurisdiction which does not title such vehicles, the applicant must surrender the outstanding registration documents which substantiate ownership of the vehicle. Additional documentation may be required if it cannot be determined whether the vehicle meets federal and state safety, emissions, and anti-theft standards.

What is the cost of applying for an Alabama certificate of title?

The title application fee is $15.00 for each application for an Alabama certificate of title for a motor vehicle. The title application fee is $20.00 for each application for an Alabama certificate of title for a manufactured home. Designated agents shall add $1.50 as the commission for each application processed. License Plate Issuing Officials may also collect an additional $1.50 commission for each application processed to defray the cost of processing and mailing title applications. Certain counties may also have local fees due when that License Plate Issuing Official processes an application for title. Please contact the County License Plate Issuing Official to determine if any local fees apply.


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